Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas Memories: One Special Christmas

I'm the one holding the Toy Story box, my brother is behind me. I don't remember what year this was, but it was one of my favorite Christmas times ever. Lots of toys to open, plus one of my favorite toys sets of my life.

I'm speaking of this Fisher-Price castle thing. I remember seeing it on a commercial and telling my mom that's what I wanted. I didn't expect her to give it to me. Came with these Knight action figures too, and I think it was packed with a special one that glowed in the dark. 


  1. Great smiles! Its always memorable when you get what you want

  2. Aww this is such a lovely photograph! I love Christmas and I remember the amazing feeling of Christmas day when you're a child very well!

  3. This post makes me smile. I have a picture from when I got a bike one year. I still remember how great that felt.

    Isn't it awesome having wonderful memories like this? Thanks for posting these pics and for reminding me of my own memories--what Christmas is all about :0)

  4. Aww, being a kid during Christmas is awesome!