Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Bah Humbug! Free Pizza!

So yesterday my family celebrated Christmas (not my household event just extended family) without me. I had to work and since my oldest half-brother has 3 families to tend with every year, this was the only day they could manage it. 

Funny thing was that my brother got our nephew a Clifford the Big Red doll which you can see above. I got him a Clifford DVD by coincidence, and after everyone left my little nephew sat down with his big dog and watched the whole movie. 

 My mom also won 2 free pizzas from Papa Johns. Yay! Enough for everyone.

 My girlfriend wanted to open one her gifts early so I let her. It was from my brother.

I wonder what it is?

Scribblenauts for DS.


  1. What a cute coincidence for your nephew :)

  2. bah humbug & free pizza cracks me up! sorry you had to work mr. adam, welcome to adulthood.

  3. Sucks to work when everyone else is busy celebrating. Interesting coincidence with Clifford, though.