Monday, December 26, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Christmas 2011

Yesterday my brother wakes us all up early. I look like I just woke up, and I guess that's justified because I was only awake for maybe 5 minutes before this photo was taken. My mom got me a bunch of shirts. 
Candy to match my shirt? Why on earth did I wear that one on Christmas?
Despite the series' stupid name of all the Japanese books at Barnes and Noble this is the one I wanted the most. Seemed very beginner friendly, and spelled words out like how they sound. Plus an audio CD. 
My brother got me Toy Story 3 on Xbox 360. 
My mom got me Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
Picked up my girlfriend later, and I got her the deluxe bingo game she wanted. 
Plus Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World. 
She got me The Legendary Starfy. 
I got her a big white polar bear that she was asking for, and some Pez candy for her stocking. 
I had plenty of candy in my stocking. Overall I had a pretty good Christmas. 


  1. You have to show us your shirts!!!

  2. My kids would arm wrestle you for those Reeses! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Aww don't you look festive!! Sounds like you had a lovely day :)

    Mabel Time

  4. you remind of my youngest son. A most excellent holiday for you. Nice. Suzanne