Friday, December 23, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Job Interview, Pizza, and Video Games

Had a job interview yesterday, and it went alright. I doubt I'll get the job though since the manager was like "well I have a whole bunch of people to interview" before and after the interview. My girlfriend went to a local pizza place nearby, and we walked to the Asian grocery store when we were done. I bought this Japanese (though packaged in Thailand) strawberry juice. I liked it except this little fake fruit bits they put in it. I bought a drink not a smoothie....

I also ordered a pizza from the same place to take home since she stayed while I was on the interview.  I love the place, you can get a large for only $6.

We also went to Gamestop later that night, and bought some stuff. They had a great Buy 2 Get 1 Free Used Sale, however the lines were getting crazy. It looked more like a DMV line than a Gamestop line. Oh the Christmas rush, how I loathe thee.

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Teddi said...

fake fruit? totally gross. pizza yum. it's my fave food. did you know congress claimed it's a vegetable? that's definitely a little dicey.