Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Day Yesterday: Surprise Christmas Gift From A Friend

Spent most of the day kinda boring, but my girlfriend volunteers for a local karate group for kids with special needs. One of her friends also helps out, and she gave us an early Christmas present. What will it be?

Oh Christmas-themed fleece throw blankets. Pretty neat, and there's one for me and her. 

My girlfriend took the Santa one. 

While I opted out for the Snowman blanket. 


  1. cute blanket. your girlfriend sounds like a very sweet person! the comment you left on my blog that said, "I like the Master Chief and Venom costumes. I'm surprised it took Microsoft so long to release Halo costumes." wtf are you talking about? video games?

  2. The kid on the left was wearing a Master Chief costume which is from the Halo video games.