Sunday, December 11, 2011

Puzznic (NES) Review

Puzzle games are usually either hit or miss for me. While I like Tetris & Puzzle League very much, there's many other series that I wouldn't touch with a 40-foot pole. I hear Puzznic was a decent title, and often over-looked. 
While it may not hold much in common with Tetris it still is a puzzle game. Instead of destroying rows or blocks in a forever building tower, you try to connect all of the same block together and progress to the next stage. It seems easy at first, but the challenge will present itself later very soon. 
I really liked Puzznic, but some of the puzzles are pretty tough. I also hate the timer in some of the situations as well. But hey that's what passwords and game-help guides are for. If you want something to stimulate your mind instead of your reflexes, then Puzznic might be your game. 

Score: 7 out of 10


Old Kitty said...

Oh Tetris! I'm rubbish at it and so would be dire with this one! LOL! And this looks like you have to really think! Then again the best puzzles should really, shouldn't they? Thanks for the info to this puzzle! Take care

Heaven. said...

It would feel like I was cheating on Tetris.

MrsBitchface said...

oh, i'm addicted, but seriuos thing!! to tetrish and bubble! hahaha