Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Watched Adventureland (2009 Film)

I saw a copy available at my local library, and thought I'd check it out, and I was really disappointed. I thought it would be more of a comedy.

The sum of the story is like this; weird kid can't rely on his parent's money no more, gets a job at a theme park, and then makes creepy reactions with some girl he meets. She also has drama.

Granted there a few laughs, but it is more a sappy love drama if anything. 

Even though it was critical acclaimed, I honestly didn't enjoy it. The whole plot of the movie seemed rather pointless, and really put me in a melancholic mood. 


Viv said...

i still might check it out though i kind of vowed not to watch anything with kristen stewart in it lol

Lord Phrozen said...

This show was critically acclaimed? I thought it was some kind of unknown low budget show considering that most of my friends have never even heard of it. This movie is a disappointment, unlike Zombieland which exceeded my expectations.