Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Look Into TV Series: Hans Moleman

Hans Moleman is the eldery old man with really bad luck from The Simpsons.
My favorite moment of him is when he creates his own self-made video series for the film festival. 
Man Getting Hit By Football is an all-time classic. 
I also love the time where Mr. Burns freaks out and thinks Moleman is a leprechaun. 
Or the time he's accidentally brainwashed into believing he's Bart Simpson. 
Also somehow leader of the mole people. 
He's just so goofy but not in your face silly. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Barney's movie had heart, but football in the groin had football in the groin!

dopdavid said...

haha hes not an attention grabber. he reminds me of football head from hey arnold!

Lord Phrozen said...

You mean he has a name? I've been watching this show for a decades since childhood and I never knew that he has a name.