Friday, January 20, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Play-Yan

The Play-Yan was an accessory for the Nintendo DS as well as Gameboy Advance that allowed you to play MP3 songs. It plugged in an SD card an a GBA cart, and plugged in on any system that could play GBA games.

Though it flopped in Japan, at the time I really wanted one. MP3 players at the time were pretty expensive, so this seemed like a bargain to what I heard it cost back in the land of the rising sun.


Anonymous said...

Can't remember this.

Sakuranko said...


Anonymous said...

LOL I wanted the big 80s Game Boy more than anything, but never got one. Things have changed so much.

Mabel Time

Astra said...

oh wow these seems so neat

Lord Phrozen said...

Since when are mp3 players expensive? They only cost a bit more than a regular USB flash drive.