Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Day Yesterday: Library and An Oil Change

Today I knew it was about more time to get an oil change. My girlfriend also wanted to go to library, and since there is an service place right across the small street I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. We took my car there, and walked over the library.

For as many times as I've been to this library, I've never gone into the front entrance. There's no parking in the front, so the only way to enter is on foot. Lots of stairs.

But the view is pretty sweet. 

You can also see City Hall from the top of the stairs. It's the old looking one in the back with a sort-of L shape. They really need to renovate.

So we got our stuff and spent maybe an hour in the library. I was waiting on a phone call, but yet no calls were made. Daisy couldn't help but go by the vending machine like she always does.

So I figure maybe they lost my phone number or perhaps I accidentally gave them the wrong one. So we walk down the stairs, and across the road to see what's up. 

 And I see that my car is still in the shop being worked on. So what took so long?

We weren't exactly first-in-line, but we still had to wait roughly half-an-hour for all the paperwork and until I got my keys. To be fair they do have a decent waiting area, and free WiFi. Wait a minute...Daisy went to another vending machine? Not again...


  1. It's amazing the change of scenery you get just from changing what door you use :)

  2. Hello Adam,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. What fantastic that you learn to speak japanees. Must be very difficult to learn.
    Have a nice evening
    gr. from Holland

  3. Every vending machine is different. You never know what you might find!

    Hey btw, for some reason, your updates don't get pushed through to my feeder? Do you know if this happens to anyone else?

  4. Your yesterday looks like my today!

  5. I'd like to go there.

  6. I have not been to a library in years but never
    miss a vending machine. Daisy is a pretty name and I love the view also!!!

  7. Adam...
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog.
    You are always welcome...G

  8. I need to go to the library this week!

  9. Nice view.. and I always used to stop by the library vending machines too!

  10. Even I can't help but go the the vending machines as well. I feel bad when the vending machine keeps resisting my old bill though.

  11. Hi Adam! really a beautiful sight, and laughed a lot ... how many steps with its history and how many machines he was in one day
    hugs rose jp