Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Favorite Memories: My Girlfriend's Belated Mini-Birthday Party 2010

I can't remember exactly what the reasoning was, but Daisy had to celebrate her birthday a few days late. She wanted to go to a local pizza place, which also had an arcade. I don't know why but she's addicted to this coin game. She never even redeems her tickets most of the time. Good thing she doesn't live near a casino.

Her favorite arcade games are racing games. 

I also tried the mallet-to-test-your-strength game or whatever it's called. ME STRONG. 

 My brother and his girlfriend also tagged along. He's been playing this shoot-out saloon game since childhood. One of our favorites.

But I bought her an ice cream cake to celebrate her 24th birthday.


psychpost said...

how nice!

Beth said...

Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. (I too lost a parent early in life.)

Nice to read of happy times on your blog!

Heaven. said...

Looks like a great time!

Teddi said...

happy late birthday daisy girl!

AsianPride64376 said...

yea, i wish i was living near a casino. and thanks for the birthday wish. haha