Saturday, January 21, 2012

Watched Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

As I mentioned before, my girlfriend is in a Disney mood all of a sudden, so she checked out the 3rd film in the Beauty and Beast series. While the 2nd movie is a Christmas side-story, this "film" is merely a collection a multiple short-stories. 
The stories include a fight over an apology, Lumiere's anniversary with Fifi, a party for Mrs. Pott's, and one about a young bird who broke his little wing. Some of the stories are okay, but most of it is just plain boring. 
It seems like they were testing out a pilot for a potential TV series, yet if the TV series had episodes this mediocre I think it'd be cancelled after a week. 
What hurts Belle's Magicial World is the nature of the original story. A story set after the movie would be pointless, so they have to make up plots within the original tale. Which leaves little room to work with, and only a small amount of entertainment. Even if you liked the original film, I'd advise skipping this travesty. It just doesn't do the original justice.


Anonymous said...

I've never watched this movie :S

animestan said...

Great review, although I wonder if you picked up on any subtle "adult" innuendo that people talk about that are spread within all the Disney movies.