Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fact of the Day; Potatoes Are Toxic

Due to a concentration of glycoalkaloids if not properly prepared or grown, potatoes could be toxic. However it's not that scary, if you happen to eat a "non-perfect" potato then you would most likely suffer something like a headache or cramps. There have only been several rare cases where potato poisoning led to a coma or death.


animestan said...

Really? I would like to see a source on this. Does this also mean that potatoe chips are also toxic?

FilipBlog said...

Strange article but interesting.


JJ said...

i love Mcdonalds' fries, and well, potatoes in general.
hope i don't get unlucky in this lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Do not want!

Simple Musings said...

Death by potato. I always thought that would only happen due to a potato gun, or perhaps morbid obesity due to a love of starches.