Monday, February 13, 2012

A Look Into History: U.S. Presidential Election of 1900

President McKinley once again sought out a 2nd term, standing practically unopposed by his own party.

His Vice President Garret Hobart died of heart disease in 1899, leaving the spot open.

Spanish-American war hero and Governor of New York Teddy Roosevelt became his running mate.  

Admiral of the Navy George Dewey sought the nomination for the Democrats. However the media saw him as a joke after he claimed being president would be easy, and wanted to attack Germany for no apparent reason. He withdrew from the race and endorsed McKinley.

McKinley's opponent from four years before William Jennings Bryan, once again nabbed the Democratic nomination. Doing so with ease. 

Sadly for Bryan's campaign was that the success of the economy and the Spanish-American war were almost unstoppable in an election for McKinley. Bryan attacked him on his gold stance (now backed by new gold reserves in Alaska and South Africa), and claims that he was an imperialist. 

 Despite pulling in a lot of states, Bryan lost by a good margin (more than the last time) against McKinley. The electoral vote was 292-155 in favor of the incumbent president. 

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