Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Gohma

Gohma is a spider boss from The Legend of Zelda series. Making an apperance in the original game, and reappearing later on. 

 I thought the NES fight was okay, but I forgot that Gohma was even in the game.

 Never played Oracle of Seasons to see her other 2D appearance. 

The one I remember most is her debut into the 3D world in Ocarina of Time. Serving as the boss that's responsible for the Deku Tree's doom.

I can't wait to play the 3D remake to face her again. 

I didn't even know Gohma was in Wind Waker. I thought this sweet boss fight was more scorpion than spider. 

Her Twilight Princess appearance was also pretty good.


aamedor said...

Loved the Zelda games. Hate spideys though.

Dylanthulhu said...

Her Twilight Princess appearance was terrifying. O.O

Anonymous said...

I just killed Gohma yesterday. (:

noura. said...

fucking love zelda

Shockgrubz said...

Gohma is my favorite villain name to say aloud.