Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Day Yesterday: Tennis!

My girlfriend gave me the idea to play Tennis the other day when she suggested it. I knew there was a public tennis court in a park near my house. Though I've only seen the back of it on a nature trail.  I've never played real tennis before and neither has she.
We didn't have rackets or tennis balls so we had to go to the store near her house. And while we were there she found this bunny rabbit. I had gotten her the same one last year for Easter except this year is a bit remodeled.  After that we bought our stuff and went.
Luckily while we were there were only 2 other groups playing tennis. They had the left side of the courts, and we had the right. So that gave us room to practice, and Daisy wasn't exactly good at first. 
Daisy was willing, and after the first 30 minutes she learned the ropes.
 I should have waited to bring my mom or brother along, because going after run-away tennis balls gets tiring. 
Daisy had snacks covered. 
We managed to play a sorta-real game of tennis (with non-strict rules for her sake), and near the end Daisy managed to make a few good moves. 
But I'm far above her skill level (probably all the baseball experience) so it wasn't hard winning the match. But we'll keep going every week until we get good.


Heaven. said...

Looks like fun :)

Dylanthulhu said...

It's important to bring snacks.