Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Mini-Roller Coaster

I'm sure I was more scared than what I recall, but I loved going to the local fairgrounds when I was little. My brother Brandon is on the right, and my brother Zach is hiding behind us. Man he must of been the most afraid. Look back at the picture, the ride looks like it's falling apart. Either the paint's coming off or there's a lot of duct tape on it.


Anonymous said...

I was always too scared to go on these as a kid but then again in india they were much more of a death trap

Also, re: comment. You are so right. Very lady gaga. I guess i wasn't concentrating on the hair. Thats my excuse for having missed that

Bright Green Laces

Terra Shield said...

Never went on them as a kid, or even as an adult for that matter.

JJ said...

this is sweet :)
i've been on one as a kid and i had fun, but you'd never get me on one even if you paid me.

Teddi said...

dude i'm thinking it's duck tape.

Lord Phrozen said...

It's fine to ride something like that even though it looks like it's about to fall apart, as long as it doesn't do a loop at high-speed.