Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Spring Fling Fair

Every year my city holds a little fair event called the Spring Fling. It has basically everything you'd expect from a fair except the rides are more for kids.
It's a not a huge deal in my city, but still A LOT of people show up for it. 
They have a lot of neat tents where vendors sell stuff. My girlfriend Daisy liked their jewelry. 
She also loves Husky dogs so she was tickled to find this puppet. We didn't buy it though. 
They also had a few mascots out on the street. Daisy and my brother's then-girlfriend Maryanna posed with the Ice Cream Cone Mascot from Bruster's Ice Cream.
There was also this weird creepy statue lady that played music. 
The coolest thing we saw was this remote-controlled R2D2 that had a gold painting to it. 
Daisy also paid money to do that "hit the dented car" game. I did that once in high school and felt unimpressed. 
They also had this music band play. WAY TOO LOUD and the music was junk. 
We also got our cartoon portraits drawn. 
He had some fun doing mine, but he got Daisy spot-on. 
I think Zach and Maryanna's photo turned out better.


Old Kitty said...

I had one of those cartoon-y type portraits done of me once and never again! LOL! I know it was meant to be a caricature but I just looked so awful!! LOL!

Awwwww but these here are lovely! Look at you and Daisy and your brother and Mayranna! Sweet!

The R2D2 reminds me of when I went to Disneyland in Florida - there were these remote controlled bins - they followed you around and when you put your rubbish in them they said "thank you"! LOL!

Take care

Anonymous said...

that looks funn! :)

JJ said...

sounds like a lot of fun. and you are very tall :p