Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watched Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars

My girlfriend checked this anime out from the local library. The whole series is just one season of 26 episodes, so once it's over it's over. The show originally ran in 2001, so it's pretty safe to say there will be no season 2. Much to my girlfriend's grief since she wanted to see more.
The story is set in the near-future in 2070 with Japan as the setting. Every thing seems normal one day until a alien spaceship arrives to freak everyone out. 
 Most of the attacks from aliens happens near or directly at the town of Tenmo. There is an obvious difference between newbies to the area and the local residents.
Much to Earth's relief, alien attacks are thwarted by a robot-like hero called Shingu, and you soon learn there's more than meets the eye. 
 Like the town of Tenmo being full of people with psychic-like powers. They also know more than enough about the aliens, and have interacted with them before.
 My favorite character was Muryou Subaru. He was charming, mysterious, and could always save people at the last minute.
I also liked Hajime Murata who happens to be perfectly normal yet fits in so well in the abnormal town of Tenmo.
I also liked Naiyuta Moriyama when the show started to get going. Once you know her true purpose, things start to get good. 
 Kyouichi Moriguchi kinda let me down though. I thought he was going to be pretty cool after the first match against Muryou. Yet his later abilities are kinda lame, and serves more as a sideline character to all the action. 
I also like Weinul, an alien who settled on Earth to avoid the conflict on his home planet. His inhuman personality, yet ability to understand was pretty neat. 
And Muryou's sister Setsuna Subaru was pretty funny. 
 One of my favorite characters was Jiltosh a first class diplomat alien who overlooks the planet earth. His hippy personality, and his connections to outer space provided some good stories. 


Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Hope you and your gf had a nice Valentine's Day!

Brian Miller said...

netflix has a pretty cool anime library...

Leon Kennedy said...

Sometimes I think the 1 season encapsulated storyline approach is better for animes. I remember loving Big O season 1 and its ending. Then they made a season 2 behind the show's popularity and it wasn't nearly as good, and it kind of messed with season 1's ending.

The Angry Lurker said...

Sounds like a blast.......