Saturday, February 18, 2012

Watched TAPS (1981 Film)

Though we went to different high schools, my girlfriend and I both attended their JROTC classes. JROTC is a military class giving students a taste of the armed services. Mine was an Army-JROTC while her's was a Navy-JROTC.  Well she apparently watched this movie while in high school, and she rented it to allow me to see it as well.
The movie is about a highly-regarded military academy that ends their school year with terrible news. The school owners have decided to sell the school to real estate developers which angers the students when their historical academy is traded for cheap money. After a tragic accident, the school is shut-down early and the students occupy the school until their demands are met.
The movie has an almost Lord of the Flies feeling to it and definitely appeals more to an older-teen audience. While the concept is unique and appealing, some of the details of the plot could easily be described as; irrational, nonsensical, or pointless. While the movie tries to convey a sense of honor and brotherhood; in the end it kinda comes off half-fulfilled.    
While I enjoyed the movie, there are just so many parts I wished they had changed. Especially the ending which I didn't care much for. It's a very flawed movie, and certainly not for everyone. However anyone with a interest in JROTC or the military would probably enjoy it. 

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