Monday, March 26, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Iron Knuckle

 Iron Knuckle is an enemy and often mini-boss from the Legend of Zelda series. Even though it's bark is worse than it's bite, it's still a menacing foe.

I remember Iron Knuckle the most in Ocarina of Time near the end of the Spirit Temple. I loved defeating the biggest one who was actually a hypnotised Nabooru. 

Remembering this great scene makes me want a 3DS so I can play the Ocarina of Time remake. 

I wasn't terribly impressed by their cameos in Majora's Mask though.


Copyboy said...

Great flashback.

mamtc said...

Cute. Not much of a video game person.
Adam, your blog , I am still not able to add in blogroll or view in phone. WHY?

Harvenger said...

I need to start playing zelda again. Such an amazing game and I haven't given it enough time.. :P