Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Day Yesterday: Spartanburg County Democratic Convention 2012

I'm pretty interested in politics so I went down to the local Democratic party's convention which they apparently hold every year as long as there's an election going. So one every 2 years basically. They held it at a local Jr. High School's cafeteria and they filled up most of the tables.
It took awhile to get everything started, but they did offer refreshments so I didn't mind waiting a bit. 
The first person to speak was Spartanburg Democratic Party Chairwoman Shelly Roehr who was introducing everyone and getting the convention going.
She then called everyone that was a veteran to come up and stand. A surprisingly large amount of folks.
The attendees then elected Eric Hayler (who ran unsuccessfully last year for District 2's school board) as the speaker of the day to introduce all the guests and speakers.
First up was Deb Morrow who is running for SC's 4th District House seat now occupied by Republican Trey Gowdy. This is the first time I've seen her in a few months (we're friends), and I can tell she's doing her best to run a campaign.
Next up was State House Rep. Harold Mitchell who's currently suspended for tax problems. However he's got documents to prove that those allegations are false, and that everything will be cleared up soon. It seems someone high up wants Mitchell out of office, because before the suspension he was one of SC's most powerful liberal voices.
Next up was Councilman Michael Brown who mostly talked about the unfairness of Spartanburg's County Council. Being the county's only Democrat on council has a lot to do with it.
Next up was State Senator Glenn Reese who spoke about the relationship between the Federal and the SC state government, and a few other things.
Finally keynote speaker Don Fowler who's served as the head of many Democratic organisations spoke to us. My favorite story of his was his trip of several hundred miles to vote for John F. Kennedy in 1960.
Lastly they elected the Party's local leadership. Ron Romine won Chairman, Helen Bennett won 1st Vice Chair, Platforms and Resolutions was won by Jeff Ramsey.
But I'm pretty glad I got go, even though it's mostly local politics, it was pretty interesting.

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