Friday, March 9, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Red Glasses and Ninja Turtle Bowl

I guess I was a real Raphael in this photo? I actually liked Leonardo more, and I bought the same bowl years ago at Charleston's Market (but Leonardo themed) after losing my old one. I don't eat out of it, but I use it was a change bowl.


Gloria Baker said...

Really nice picture!!!

Lord Phrozen said...

I remember during my childhood that I'm also addicted to TMNT. I have all their games on the NES, bedsheets, blankets, VHS tapes of the movies and more. Also, when I was hospitalized with an H-fever friends and relatives gave me TMNT gifts to cheer me up that I even got duplicates of the same toy. Good times.

Teddi said...

"leonardo's cool but crude. michelangelo is a party dude." michelangelo was my fave. it was gross that they lived in the sewers. they should've made a TMNT pizza plate.