Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Skateboarding Dog

Even though he was pretty old at the time of the photo, my late dog Chip used to ride the skateboard a little. Someone laid it in the backyard, and he'd roll around on it a bit. Not exactly impressive, but not bad for a pooch.


Bart said...

thats awesome. my dog ran away. guess it wasnt ment to be.

JOutlaw said...

I always love the shots of dogs riding on things like skateboards, snowboards and even surfboards.

It really is their pack mentality that because humans are part of their pack, they want to emulate them, which means that they will learn to ride on those things.

It's very damn cute!

Unknown said...

He's so cute. My dog can barely think and eat at the same time. I'm sure you miss your dog very much.