Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Top Ten Worst Sonic Games #9: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

I was actually really excited for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood when it came out. I liked Sonic sure, but it was a RPG by Bioware which was the company behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It seemed like a win-win, but I felt nothing but shame.

 The game features typical Sonic characters and areas mixed in with a new story. Something about aliens and evil stuff. Honestly the story was trash and I bet only 2 people understood it.

The combat system was a decent touch-screen based set-up, yet the game's difficulty jumped out of nowhere and rendered me helpless. But I didn't mind giving up since the dull fights and dreadful areas. It seemed like they had some nice ideas, but overall the game gave me a worse impression for both Bioware and Sega.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, seems disappointing.