Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Random Photos From The Past Few Days

Daisy and I went bowling again. 
She wanted to use barriers again, but the rude worker wouldn't let us. So she had to actually attempt to score. 
 But she eventually got the hang of it.
 My brother also went.
So did his ex, my girlfriend still wants to be friends with her. 
I won the first game with 137. 
Then I dropped down to 57.... don't ask.
We also went to the mall to the food court. Daisy got a free Spicy Chicken sandwich due to some coupons. 
 We also went to the store and Daisy saw the full-set of Easter stuffed animals.
This is her "please buy this for me" face.


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Teddi said...

i think your score dropped because you needed to be more humble & patient with daisy. ;)