Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things I Like: Rocky III (1982 Film)

Even though it had a rather brainless story, I still like Rocky III a lot.
It was kinda cool to see Rocky as a champion, and that Hulk Hogan fight as Thunderlips was pretty neat. 
I still hate that Mick died after freaking out when Rocky was losing. 
I also liked it when Apollo Creed came back to train Rocky. Then they became good friends. 
Mr. T was pretty much what you'd expect him to be. A mean killing machine. I was glad to see Rocky win in the re-match.


  1. Haha! I love the Rocky movies too.

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  3. i LOVE rocky! every single one of them. including balboa. must be because i'm brainless. this was the first movie when a character died that i cried. i bawled like a big baby. i knew it was pretend too.