Friday, April 20, 2012

Fact of the Day: Non-Cow Milk

While Americans would usually flinch at the sound of milk from any animal other than a cow, it's not uncommon to get some unique milk in another country. For example in Russia and Sweden, they even have farms just for processing moose milk. Other animals humans have commonly used for milking include the donkey, camel, goat, horse, water buffalo, and the yak. 


DEZMOND said...

donkey milk is actually extremely expensive because donkeys don't have much of it and it does wonders for health and skin, and the same goes for goat milk.
I don't do milk :) I'm a vegetarian, but I do eat cheese sometimes.

Baur said...

I drink hormone rich milk lol

Green Striped Shirt said...

I only like cow milk. I know I'm spoiled :/