Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Nature-Trail Dog Walks

For many years I take my dog Zelda to a local nature trail at Duncan Park so she can walk the nature trail. She loves going on walks, and doing so on a little hike is even better. She gets to see all kinds of trees, a lake, and all the little animals who make noise out in the woods. 

She's too hyper I admit. She runs like she's on a Olympic run, but by the time it's over she's can barely climb back up the hill after burning out her energy. 


  1. Love the pictures. Walking a dog gives better workout without pressure and guilt over treadmill run

  2. she's a perdy dog :) I had a cat named Zelda a few years ago, named her after Scottt Fitzgerald's crazy wife :)

  3. zelda's so cute! my bro used to jokingly call his hyper dog demon dog or spawn of satan. she's mellowed out a lot though, in her age.