Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Top Ten Worst Sonic Games #2: Knuckle's Chaotix

Knuckle's Chaotix was an original platforming game for Sega's terrible 32X console. While Sonic CD was among the Sega CD's best, Knuckle's Choatix is among the 32X's worst. Which says something since that system didn't have much.
While on the surface it seems like a Sonic game that belongs on Genesis. Except it features Knuckles the Echidna instead of our favorite blue hedgehog.
The big gimmick to the game was the rings that tied two players together. While Tails would often following Sonic in the older games, if you got past him he would just stay lost for a little bit. Chaotix was not as forgiving and often slowed down the game-play. While I'm sure this game has a few die-hard fans, I just consider it a huge mistake for the series and awfully big disappointment for me personally.


Pat Hatt said...

I remember seeing this one in a magazine once and wanting to play it. Sounds like I was better off not playing it..haha

Thomas Anderson said...

^ Same here!


Jax said...

I had a pet hedgehog once. Does that count??