Monday, May 28, 2012

A Look Into History: Theodosia Burr Alston

 Theodosia Burr Alston was the daughter of the famous and controversial Vice President Aaron Burr. She was raised in New York, and due to her father's view of equality among genders; Theodosia received a 1st class education. She was one of the few girls of her age to have received education in things like French, Greek, Latin, dance, and music. When her father faced treason charges, she provided him comfort and protection. When Burr had to leave America, Theodosia remained in the United States to fight for his reputation. She also married South Carolina Governor Joesph Alston, which help the Burrs in financial issues and gained them respect in the south.
In 1812, Theodosia boarded the schooner boat Patriot in a trip from South Carolina to New York. However the Patriot failed to reach New York, and nobody on the boat were ever seen or heard from again. There have been many rumors of what happened to Theodosia, but most historians have pinned it on two probable causes. The first is that the ship might of been attacked by murderous pirates. The 2nd and final prediction is that the ship was shipwrecked during a powerful storm. I'd like to believe the latter since a storm would have left almost no trail of a lost boat (back then anyway) versus a pirate attack.


  1. i like her name. it's very similar to what parents were going to name me, which was theodora, but then they said bag it, we'll just name her teddi. i also like that painting of her, especially the white flowers like lace. it's fantastic that she got to have that kind of education. what a mysterious story.

  2. Kind of a sad ending. What a pretty and interesting name though. Never heard anything like it.

  3. That is one sad story.
    Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton on my birthday (well, 150 or so years before I was born. You know what I mean). That's my only connection with greatness. I did see the Pope once. But, he's no longer with us. That's all I got.

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