Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is a iconic item (that will always change visually) in the Zelda series. One of my personal favorites of course, though I admit there's not many foes to test it out on.
My first mirror shield was in Ocarina of Time in the Spirit Temple. They had a couple great puzzles revolved around it.
The boss battle against Twinrova was beyond awesome. I always like a shield that can reflect fire and ice and send it right back to it's caster.
I liked the one in Majora's Mask as well, though the memories were a tad less thrilling. Spooky face on this mirror shield. 
The mirror shield in Wind Waker was a bit forgettable, though I did like the visuals of reflecting light due to it's cel-shaded graphics.


Content Hedgehog said...

Yeah, I always liked the mirror shield... I'm starting to wonder how you decide what you're going to write about on any given day, lol.

Mai Yang said...

hmm..I don't know this game. I have no idea about the mirror shield. I used to say, I don't like playing games but guess what? I'm addicted with temple run and fruit ninja lately. hehe..just some petty games in my phone :P

Shaw said...

I don't even remember getting the mirror shield in WW. Then again, my memory is poor, even for a game I've beaten twice.

Michael said...

The mirror shield was fun, if only it had more uses.