Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is a iconic item (that will always change visually) in the Zelda series. One of my personal favorites of course, though I admit there's not many foes to test it out on.
My first mirror shield was in Ocarina of Time in the Spirit Temple. They had a couple great puzzles revolved around it.
The boss battle against Twinrova was beyond awesome. I always like a shield that can reflect fire and ice and send it right back to it's caster.
I liked the one in Majora's Mask as well, though the memories were a tad less thrilling. Spooky face on this mirror shield. 
The mirror shield in Wind Waker was a bit forgettable, though I did like the visuals of reflecting light due to it's cel-shaded graphics.


  1. Yeah, I always liked the mirror shield... I'm starting to wonder how you decide what you're going to write about on any given day, lol.

  2. hmm..I don't know this game. I have no idea about the mirror shield. I used to say, I don't like playing games but guess what? I'm addicted with temple run and fruit ninja lately. hehe..just some petty games in my phone :P

  3. I don't even remember getting the mirror shield in WW. Then again, my memory is poor, even for a game I've beaten twice.

  4. The mirror shield was fun, if only it had more uses.