Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Day Yesterday: Tennis, Iron Man, & Trivia Pursuit

It's been awhile since Daisy and I played tennis, but yesterday we set up a time and went down to the local park. 
 But before we went to play tennis in the afternoon. We did some shopping in the morning. We got some lunch and brought it back home. The only reason I like Zaxby's is because there fries are the closest thing my old high school had.
 I also got a new Halo mini-figure. Doesn't look very awesome like the red elite. He kinda looks like a yellow bionicle guy with a plastic rifle.
They also had a Marvel pack as well. I wanted Spiderman, but ended up with Iron Man. Well I just saw The Avengers so I'll be cool with it.
So we drove down to the tennis court with my brother tagging along. He liked to hit sky-high tennnis balls, which Daisy can never get. You can actually see the tennis ball up the sky if you look close enough. 
 Daisy's still not that great, so she often has to run to get the ball that went off to the gate.
 But she started to get a bit better.
 She managed to perform a few good shots.
So after they got done I faced my brother Zach. He has the more powerful hits, but I definitely have the control.  The only times where it went way out-of-bounds is usually hitting back a surprise serve that went faster than I expected. 
But we pretty even in the the pretend matches we played. 
I really do wish tennis balls came magically back to you. Running after all the random hits that went all over the place gets tiring. 
 Later some our friends came down and joined us in a little doubles match or two.
Except we didn't keep much score, we kinda alternated randomly since there were five people. Still a fun time.


  1. Tennis is really fun, I haven't played it since I moved last year (There was a court 1-2 minutes away). On a side note, those fries look delicious.

  2. Sounds like you had a really fun time!! Now I want to learn how to play tennis ;) lol

  3. nice bums in the first pic LOL