Friday, June 29, 2012

Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox 360) Review

 Back in 2001 I remember opening up my issue of Nintendo Power and reading a list of upcoming games for my Nintendo Gamecube. One of those games was Duke Nukem Forever which was suppose to come out in the early 2000s for PCs and all the major consoles. But something went wrong in development, and the game played hide-and-go-seek for a few years. Word of it's revival was almost like a joke, and in 2011 I was shocked to see it actually release. Since I made fun of it's existence for the past decade, I had to play the real deal sometime. 
 Duke Nukem achieved most of its fame by leeching off the success of the Doom series. While the first two games were platformers, the next game (along with spin-offs) had been shooters. This new sequel is no different, and gives Duke his first post-Halo FPS debut. It's funny that the game took so long to release because it does feel like a bland shooter from ten years ago.
 Now I admit, the game tries to cram as much "action" as it can to spice up things. Giant alien spaceships and ferocious beasts seem thrilling on paper, but against your one man army it's not so much...  I guess they were aiming for epic blockbuster but ended up with a cheesy sci-fi feel. While the game has some memorable moments, a lot of it's tricks tend to get stale. Every new element loses flavor faster than a piece of bubble gum. Especially when Duke shrinks down to tiny mode, I hated every single mission with that element.
And lastly should I mention that Duke Nukem is the worst memorable video game character in history. Well at least in this latest game. Back in the 90's, Duke was a cheesy ladies man with big muscles, a huge ego, and plenty of one-liners. Now he's everything he used to be, but cranked up to ridiculous levels. Duke's love for everything macho (especially it's feminist-enraging parts) is flat out laughable, and makes the game an sheer embarrassment to play around others. You can try this one for laughs, or for some mindless action, but if you're looking for a good game it's not here.

Score: 4 out of 10

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  1. I remember looking forward to this for a long time but I eventually lost interest and forgot about it. I might check it out just for old times sake.