Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random Photos: Clementines, Voting, and Milkshakes

 Since summer is getting hotter by the day, I've been fixing a lot of milkshakes. Which helps me finish off my milk since it takes awhile for me to take on my whole gallon jug.
 I need some better ice-cream to make it with though. But it's not bad.
 I was so thrilled to see my favorite fruit clementines being sold again. They usually are only available during the fall/winter from Spain and California, but Peru produced these. Which is fantastic since those bland mandarin oranges aren't worth it.
 I broke my pair of sunglasses a few weeks ago, and I managed to get another pair. Which helps me see better when I drive in the bright summer day.
 I also took Miss Daisy to vote in the local Democratic primaries. You can see our  red"I voted" stickers on our red shirts. I guess we should of wore something that matched our party's color huh?
Oh and Daisy has been addicted to Castleville. Now I have to drag here away from the computer again just like Farmville and it's terrible siblings.


DEZMOND said...

I like the new glasses too, and I love me mandarines, tangerines and clementines!

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

You don't know how much I love milkshakes!

Michael said...

Oh good thing you and Daisy are in the same party, considering how big you are on politics. I thought that said Castlevania and I was like WOAH awesome! but I've never heard of Castleville.