Friday, June 8, 2012

Things I Like: X2: X-Men United

While I thought the original was a tad better, the second X-Men film was really good as well. Pretty much all the mutants from the original return, along with many new faces.
Though some of the new cast-members are rookies at the academy and the older X-men at times feel like babysitters.
I didn't really think Lady Deathstrike or that army dude were that great of villains though. I do like the stuff about Wolverine's past however.


Jim said...

Hm, never really watched X-Men, but the series looks awesome

Al Penwasser said...

The third one was awesome. I always wondered what Lady Deathstrike would do if she had an itchy hiney.

Michael said...

I agree, it wasn't as good at the 1st but it was good.

mamtc said...

Am I the only one, who doesnt get impressed by the strunts and achievements much these kinda half-human, quarter-human, mutant quarantines? Sorry :(