Saturday, June 16, 2012

Watched Johnny English Reborn (2011 Film)

 I really liked the original Johnny English, but I didn't exactly rush out to go see it's sequel Johnny English Reborn last year. But I finally got around to renting it though, and it's a decent sequel to 2003's surprise hit.
 The film is pretty much the same concept as the original. Johnny English returns to MI7 to help Great Britain as a secret agent. However this time he travels the world to investigate a group known as Vortex. The group foiled his work in Mozambique, and Johnny peruses them not only for his country but for revenge.
 One thing that kind of bugged me with the film is that Johnny English is now a legitimate agent, and not a last-option fool. I thought his antics in the first movie were far more funny than his sorta cleverness in this sequel.
The first half of the movie is full of rather dull jokes, but the last half redeems itself. While I don't think Reborn is better than the original, I did enjoy watching it. As far as Johnny English 3 though, I think it'd be best for English to retire since I can see this series going on a downhill spiral.


Easy said...

mr.bean is the man!

Michael said...

I'll have to see both of them.

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I still have to see the first one :-((

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Christine said...

Nice thoughtful review!