Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Scizor

 Scizor is a pokemon from the 2nd generation of games as the evolution of Scyther. Despite changing colors, his look is more tame and elegant. Though he certainly packs more of a punch. I never used him much in the games, but I loved Scizor as a pokeball item in the Smash Bros. games. No weak opponent will last against Scizor.
His Japanese name is ハッサム (Hassamu) which is based on 剪む(Hasamu) which is a pun on it's cutting technique since it means "snip". 


JDC said...

Both of his evolutions where pretty cool, with the expection of being unable to teach scyther fly even though he had wings ~_~

Tony Van Helsing said...

As far as I understand, Pokemon is similar to the card game Top Trumps.