Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Photos: Malls, Early Holiday, & Kitty Cat

 The other week Daisy and I hung out with my mom shopping all over the place. We stopped by the mall to eat at the food court once again. And to use some coupons to get a free drink from Chikfila. Daisy doesn't mind getting the whole package with her drink though. I prefer to eat somewhere else in the food court.
 We also went to Costco and Daisy bought the extra large box of Fruit by the Foot... I'm still trying to finish it with her. 
 As if we didn't need more junk food, that day ended with donuts...
 Seeing this fish tank at the pet store makes me want one of my own. My phone's camera does a bad job capturing the neon glow. 
 While browsing the local dollar store, I see they're already in the mood for Halloween. I've heard of Christmas in July, but this is ridiculous. 
And Daisy's kitty cat Furball found himself a new pet bed. A random box on the floor... The cat has a nice pet bed, yet he'll try to make a stay in any box he can find. I do not understand cats' fondness of packaged cardboard. 


  1. Wow, Halloween already? That IS early. Fortunately haven't seen anywhere as bad yet but not keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. you want fish and you have a cat? that's trouble waiting to happen.

  3. That's first picture is great, Adam. It's a moment to remember. Nothing like a good donut to keep you in shape. :) I've got to cats myself and they want to squeeze themselves in any box that's way too small for them.

  4. there has been a centuries long love between cats and boxes :)

  5. What? Halloween? It's super hot outside, I can't even start to think of Halloween :)

    Cool pics

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