Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random Photos: Rainy Days, Hot Summer, & Baby Tortoises

 We've been having some pretty crazy weather lately. We had one week just full of rain.
I finally bought some gel insoles for my work shoes. My old padded insoles on are the right. Worn out huh? 
I also bought a Twix Ice Cream bar for the first time. 
Unlike a Reese's Cup ice cream bar I've had, it tasted pretty similar to the real thing.
I left some soda bottles out in the car, and the heat deformed them. 
I also started a new job where I work outside more often. I forgot sun block one day, and this is what I got. 
My local Target just remodeled their whole store. They even have a tiny produce section now. It looks pretty good. 
I also noticed the local pet store had a new addition: baby tortoises!
Me want one, so bad. 


Bart said...

that rain pic looks nice, it hasnt rained here in like a week. and its been hot, but im working inside now

Jax said...

Your insoles are just a little worn out ;) LOL As a shoe maker's daughter I kind of cringed at that. lol

Anonymous said...

What I wouldn't do for a little rain with a side of ice cream. Also, Target's too fancy for me. I am more of a Dollar Tree kind of girl.

DEZMOND said...

send some to my Vojvodina. We've had such draughts this summer that we won't have enough corn and wheat in the fields and the prices of food will go up!

Teddi said...

hey adam, my friend moved to south carolina a couple months ago. recently she had a photo of her kids pretend milking the fake cow, at the zoo. it was just like the photo of your brother. i bet it was the same zoo.