Friday, July 13, 2012

Watched Cyberbully (2011 Film)

 My girlfriend often watches movies with me, and she often picks stuff that makes me cringe. She picked Cyberbully, and I told her "this better not be like Odd Girl Out", and I was right. Instead of real bullying, this movie moves online.
 It starts out all happy with a group of friends all giddy that one of them just got a new laptop. She likes a jock who likes her back, and she jumps on a social-network site so they can connect. Except the whole school of brats are also online, and they trash others online no matter who was looking.
 So the main protagonist Taylor Hillridge gets her account hijacked by her brother who makes an embarrassing post. Then some random guy makes a rather bold post about their "relationship", and the other kids in school verbally harass her online.
It's basically a better version of Odd Girl Out. It's tolerable, but it's not going to thrill anyone outside their target audience. I will say I support their attempt to raise awareness about real cyber-bullying online and trying to pass state-laws to outlaw cyber-bullying to minors. Other than that, it's not as bad I was expecting but I wouldn't watch on my own.


  1. i considered it way to exagerated and mostly boring, i also watched it because mah gurl picked it up

  2. typically, that is the gist of ABC Family channel movies. At least that is how they all appear in their ads. I don't think I have actually ever watched one...

  3. Hmmm, it's happening out there, so the awareness is good, but I don't know if I have the patience to watch movies like these.