Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Japanese Words For the Day: Chinese Zodiac

Like most of Asia, the Chinese Zodiac influence was widespread. To say Year of the Dragon (the current year and also my birth year) would be 辰年 (Tatsudoshi).
Year of the Snake is 巳年 (Midoshi)
Year of the Horse is 午年 (Umadoshi)
Year of the Sheep is 羊年 (Hitsujidoshi)

Year of the Monkey is 申年 (Sarudoshi)
Year of the Rooster is 酉年 (Toridoshi)
Year of the Dog is 戌年 (Inudoshi)
Year of the Pig (Boar in the Japanese version) is 亥年 (Idoshi)

Year of the Rat is鼠年 (Nezumidoshi)
Year of the Ox is 丑年 (Ushidoshi)
Tiger is 寅年 (Toradoshi)
Year of the Rabbit is 兎年 (Usagidoshi)


Anonymous said...

I'm the tiger!
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Joshua Tjandra said...

I was born as a 'monkey' lol

Jax said...

The company I work for is all Japanese. I should start printing these out ;)

I'm a dragon!!! Roar. lol

Teddi said...

adam, did you ever go to a chinese restaurant where they have the chinese zodiac as placemats? then whoever you are with you can read to see if the descriptions fit you, or people you know?

Adam said...

nah ironically I never really go to any asian restaurants. Daisy's parents have the chinese zodiac scroll on the wall. It's all in English mostly, but it's basically what you described.

Unknown said...

I like the way you write. Awesome, keep it up.

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