Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Favorite Memories: Lunch on the Mountain

This is a photo I took during my first trip to the mountaintop of Chimney Rock in North Carolina. In modern day, they make restaurants and gift shops straight up near the top. The food is nothing special, but the view is amazing. I went with my brother Zach, my girlfriend Daisy, and Zach's then-girlfriend Maryanna who was off to get a drink or something when I took the picture.


Teddi said...

adam, why can't we see the mountains? i agree with you that the radio is annoying, mostly because of the commercials. i don't listen to it much either. i mostly listen to my iPod. that's what i was playing when i heard that old song about a month ago.

Adam said...

I guess the bright light doesn't mix well with my old camera. You can see anything outside due to the brightness in that photo, but you sure could in person at the table.