Monday, September 24, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Tetris 64

 As a huge fan of Tetris, I can't believe I haven't heard of Tetris 64 until recently. Despite being in English, the game never made it to America or Europe but stayed in Japan.
 The game might look like a standard Tetris version, but it did include super-huge blocks which could change the gamplay up a good bit. Most notably was its 4-player multiplayer mode which was one of the first puzzle games to feature so many players at once. Something of a big-deal back then, but today most Tetris games include 4 player modes. 
I don't know how well gamers in Japan liked Tetris 64, but it looks rather intriguing. I really want to try playing a marathon with the mega Tetris blocks. Oh well I guess it will never happen.  


  1. I didn't even know there was an n64 version

  2. the most simple and awesome game ever... every arcade site has one! and everybody is trying the highscore

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