Friday, September 14, 2012

Japanese Words For the Day: Flowers 4

 Hyacinth is ヒヤシンス (Hiyashinsu)
 Hydrangea is アジサイ (Ajisai)
 Iris is 菖蒲 (Ayame)
 Lily is ユリ (Yuri)
Marigold is マリーゴールド (Marigorudo)


Project Trill said...

Very interesting post. I think flowers are very beautiful. Would you mind checking out my blog? I put a lot of time into it and even purchased my own URL. It's about hip-hop music and the culture associated with it. Thanks so much!!

DWei said...

I'm probably allergic to each of them ._.

DEZMOND said...

'tis one of my fave flowers, we call it "zumbul" in Serbian :)

The Squishy Monster said...

These are GORG! (and you're in SC and I'm in NC)---hello fellow Carolinian! ;)