Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random Photos: Captain America & Video Game Candy

 The other day I took Daisy to the new Halloween Spirit store that just opened up. I really want to be Captain America for Halloween but I don't think I can afford both the shield and the clothing.
They did have pretty amazing stand and statues. Felt like the movie looking at the Wicked Witch of the West. 
 My girlfriend Daisy's been fascinated by The Hunger Games ever since she saw the movie, so she bought 2 of the posters for her room. 
 I also tried some Powerade Zero and unlike the "diet" counterpart for Gatorade (which I think tastes better than real Gatorade) this one has no flavor. 
 I also noticed Burger King now has a old fashioned game with the Family Feud show. Every big enough soda and fries comes with some game pieces. 
You just guess what most people who say an answer to be. With these two I won a Whopper and some small fries. So Miss Daisy will be happy when I use these for her. 
 I also noticed this Pacman Candy Arcade Machine Tin Box at Hot Topic. It's so cool I just had to get it. 
 Brings back so many memories. 
 The candy was also really cute and pretty sweet. I would get these in a big bag if they had them. 
So I used the tin box to sit on my desk. Now it's next to my Captain America bobble head. 
 And while I was there I got the Zelda Mint tin box as well. This one is based on the Hylian Shield from Ocarina of Time. 
 The mints are alright, but not for those who like the strong mints like Altoids. 
I'm trying to use it as desk decor too, but I haven't figured it out yet...


  1. Suggestion: Go with the shield and no clothes. Well, maybe some Captain America underpants. ;-)

  2. That store looks cool! That witch looks pretty kick ass:)

  3. What does Captain America have to do with Halloween?

  4. That is fantastic! I say get the shield, you can probably improvise on the clothing.

  5. love your style and blog what about following each other on GFC ? :) maybe on facebook and twitter also? let me know :)

  6. Love the shield. I have a Captain America t-shirt that I bought from Wal-Mart and it was pretty cheap.

  7. i say make your own shield adam.