Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things I Hate: PocketBike Racer (Xbox 360)

 I played a good bit of this awhile back, and I really regret it. It was part of Burger King's trio of titles they included in value meals. It was an innovative promotion, I wish the games were like that.
 PocketBike Racer is obviously the racer of the group. Featuring tons of characters, a few tracks, and most importantly awkward driving. Mario Kart it is not. 
And driving as a Whopper or Brooke Burke is not fun. End of story. 

3 comments: said...

why, but i enjoy this game, lol

Bob Bushell said...

You're right.

Chris. G said...

I got this game in one of the those online Console Deals, it pretty fun to play and my wife always cheats so she can win. It the only game she will ever play.