Monday, October 15, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Koga (Pokemon Series)

 Koga is the 5th Gym Leader in the original pokemon series. His speciality is poison-type pokemon which makes him somewhat challenging. About the time you reach him, Gym Leaders are no longer cake-walks.
 I also remember his anime appearance with his poisonous bug pokemon as well. Not a bad episode. 
In the 2nd generation of games, he gets promoted to the Pokemon League. His daughter takes over the gym when he's gone. I loved the 2nd part of the game where you catch up with all the people from the first game. 


  1. Yeah gold and silver were the best ones in my opinion, he was a bit of a pain to get through, but not overly hard.

  2. Oh, my...Pokemon was so big when my youngest was in elementary school! Fun memories.

  3. That is weird, because he looks exactly like a cartoon version of my ex-boss!

  4. Poison can be quite annoying.