Saturday, October 20, 2012

Japanese Words for the Day: Birds 7

Robin is コマドリ (Komadori)
Sandpiper is イソシギ (Isoshigi)
Seagull is  (Kamome)
Sparrow is  (Suzume)
Starling is ムクドリ (Mukudori)


karakadan said...

in Malayalam Robin = ponmaan പൊന്മാന്‍

Noushka said...

Very nice picture of a Robin I have never seen!
Cheers Adam!

Shaw said...

Didn't even know what a Sandpiper was

Bob Bushell said...

So that is what a Sandpiper looks like, I thought it was a Curlew.

Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding this is random & birds on the loose kinda scare me

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CameraCruise said...

Beautiful birds, love to see them.
The Robin is so beautiful, very different from ours.
Have a great Sunday.

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...