Monday, October 15, 2012

My Halloween Stuff: Part 1

 With Halloween coming soon, I decided to decorate far more than I ever done in the past. Because I feel holidays aren't truly holidays unless your house changes a bit too.
 I also tried buying the halloween cereals, because I honestly haven't had them in ages. Like Boo Berry here. 
 But Boo Berry tastes rather wierd, and they come with a complete lack of marshmallows. 
 I also got a big candy bowl and filled it with various goodies. Hopefully the rest of the people in this house won't finish it till Halloween. We don't get many trick-or-treaters, but we'd be prepared. 
 And a Halloween table cover for the kitchen table. 
 I also got some Halloween snow-globes for my desk. 
 You get the idea. 
 I also got this witch door cover. 
 Got some small pumpkins to tide me over until I can put up a jack-o-lantern that can last. 
 I also got these ghosts that light up in the yard. However after a few minutes I realized these plug-in lights were not going to mix with the weather. 
So I got some hooks for the window and now they can hang. I'll be reusing this window-hanging option when Christmas time comes. 


  1. I'm gonna teepee your house :P

  2. I love Halloween decorations. Your house looks very spooky and festive for the season.

  3. I Love it!!!! Plus, I posted today about my Halloween decor. Great minds think alike huh?

  4. Wow a ton of stuff, nicely done getting into the season.

  5. Haha...Boo Berry! And yes....a house has to change during Halloween. We're pretty keen in our house for it:P

  6. that middle one is so cute .. it's smiling ^_____^

  7. They still make Boo Berry?! I never had it, but I think I'm going to have to check the grocery store for it next time we go.

  8. Ah, love how you people get in lovely festive mood around holidays.Love decorations.

  9. Yes, decorations really help one to get into the festive mood. I love looking at Halloween and Christmas decorations. Thanks for sharing, Adam.

  10. the ghosts in the window are my fave. aren't halloween decorations fun? that boo berry cereal looks yucky. :P